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Table of Contents

  • What are Orokin Cells?
  • Best Places to Farm Orokin Cells
    • Tethys (Saturn) - Assassination
    • Gabii (Ceres) - Dark Sector: Survival
    • Titan (Saturn) - Dark Sector: Survival
    • Seimeni (Ceres) - Dark Sector: Defence
    • Orokin Derelict Survival: Derelict
  • Things to Remember About Farming Orokin Cells
  • Farming Orokin Cells

Warframe is a fun and thrilling game, especially when players can craft and use tons of weapons and frames. However, these items need Orokin cells to be created. This material is scarce and can be hard to farm. Gamers need to stock up on this resource to access more equipment. Since the areas where these materials can be grinded are limited, players should know the most effective and efficient way of obtaining Orokin cells. This guide will help Tenos plan their farming sessions.

What are Orokin Cells?

Orokin cells are some of the rarest material drops in the game. It is essential in crafting various items such as weapons, Warframes, and other blueprints. Aside from having a lower and limited loot chance, these cells are only farmable in certain zones. This means new players and lower-level Tenos do not have access to grind spots.

What makes Orokin Cells even more brutal to farm is that they only drop in quantities of 1 or 2. Players must be willing to spend a few hours to stock up on their supply of this material. However, farming cells is worth it because these ingredients are essential in the Warframe community.

Best Places to Farm Orokin Cells

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There are only two planets where gamers can gather Orokin cells: Ceres and Saturn. Ceres requires players to be at least level 15 with their Warframes to farm efficiently. Meanwhile, gamers should at least be level 26 to survive Saturn.

There are specific missions that yield more Orokin cells compared to other tasks. Dark Sector and Assassination quests can deliver more materials. Knowing which missions to run per planet can help gamers save some time. Here are the best areas to farm Orokin cells:

Tethys (Saturn) - Assassination

Also known as the Sargas Ruk Farm, this specific quest involves the assassination of General Sargas Ruk. This mission is known to be the best place to farm Orokin cells. While the general drop rate is not 100%, gamers can loot cells from him most of the time. Aside from the high percentage reward for defeating Sargas Ruk, there are also various outlets for gaining Orokin cells in this zone.

While exploring Tethys, players can obtain cells from lesser or normal mobs. There is also a chance of finding Orokin Cells Arrays, which can yield several of these materials. Due to the number of sources in this zone, many gamers designate this zone as the best Orokin farming area.

Gabii (Ceres) - Dark Sector: Survival

Ceres is the first planet that players can access to farm Orokin cells. There are various missions that gamers can run to farm the materials they need. Since this is the earliest stage where this essential ingredient can be farmed, Tenos should aim for the most efficient runs, which would be Gabii.

Gabii is a Dark Sector mission, which means it drops a lot of resources. Orokin cells can be obtained from these runs in small but frequent quantities. In addition, players can also acquire other essential materials due to the increased drop rates in these quests, making it one of the most efficient Orokin farms in the game.

For Gabii, gamers are recommended to run Dark Sectors in groups. This allows players to clear the area much faster to do multiple runs. Aiming for Infested mobs will also attract more enemies, increasing the chances of Orokin Cells dropping. Bringing farming Warframes such as Nekros is also a great idea to boost the drop rates.

Titan (Saturn) - Dark Sector: Survival

Aside from Tethys and Gabii, Titan is also a great place to farm Orokin cells. This zone is a Dark Sector: Survival in Saturn, meaning it has greater chances of dropping essential materials. Unfortunately, being on this planet means it is much more complicated.

Like Gabii, players can acquire Orokin cells from slaying opponents during the incursion. However, there is also a chance that Orokin Cells Arrays will spawn, so gamers should keep their eyes open for these. Tenos are not advised to prolong their stay in Titan since the Grineer gets increased armor over time. Players should be quick with their runs in this area.

Seimeni (Ceres) - Dark Sector: Defence

Seimeni is also another good area to farm Orokin Cells aside from Gabii. This zone is a Dark Sector: Defence mission, which some players consider much easier than Survival ones. Gamers only need to stay in a specific area and wait for the mobs to come to them. Tenos can focus on eliminating their targets rather than exploring.

There are no tricks or themes when doing Seimeni since players just need to defend. Mobs will try to overrun squads, so the only thing that gamers need to ensure is that they are strong enough to repel the waves. It is also a good idea to bring strong farming Warframes such as Nekros to increase the chances of Orokin cells looting.

Orokin Derelict Survival: Derelict

While most players do not usually discuss it, Orokin Derelict missions do have a chance of rewarding players with cells. These tasks also produce other essential resources and spawn multiple mobs, so they can be worth doing from time to time. However, gamers should focus more on farming Orokin cells in other areas.

Things to Remember About Farming Orokin Cells

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  • Orokin cells do not have low drop rates. They simply drop in small quantities, which is why it is tedious to farm them. The key to gathering them is making multiple mission runs as fast as possible.
  • The drop chance for Orokin cells in Ceres and Saturn is almost the same, but Saturn does have an increased loot rate buff. However, players should choose the planet they can easily and quickly clear.
  • Orokin cells can be bought from the marketplace for 10 Platinum. However, using such essential currencies for cells is not worthwhile since players can simply farm them in Ceres and Saturn.
  • Missions such as Seimeni, Titan, and Gabii are best done with a squad to increase the number of spawn mobs. More enemies mean higher chances of targeted resources dropping.

Farming Orokin Cells

Based on many players ' opinions, Saturn is probably the best area to farm Orokin Cells since the planet has the chance to spawn Orokin Cells arrays. Gamers should focus on powering up their weapons and Warframes so that they can farm efficiently on this planet. In the meantime, farming in Ceres is worthwhile and should not be avoided to stock up on cells.

Players should remember that they don’t need to be farming Orokin cells 24/7 since there are other resources they need to gather. Pace yourself and only do Orokin runs when you need to and prepare for something. Otherwise, try to explore and enjoy other features available in Warframe.

Warframe Orokin Cell Farm Guide 2024 | PlayerAuctions (2024)


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