The 10 Best New Movies On Netflix In June 2024 (Updated) (2024)

Of all the streaming services, Netflix is the one that continues to amaze with its prolific and eclectic output. Any given week features a cavalcade of fresh releases, including both Netflix Originals and great outside content. And this week is no different, featuring a brand new assassin movie starring Glen Powell, one of the most vibrant and colorful rom-coms of the past ten years, and this year’s Oscar winner for Best Visual Effects. And that only scratches the surface of Netflix’s best cinematic offerings in the month of June.

So where should you start? I’ve got a list that can serve as your guide. Below in the first section, you can peruse my ten picks for the best movies added to Netflix so far this month. Then at the bottom of the article, you’ll find a full list of every single new film that’s been added (and will be added) to Netflix in June 2024. Hopefully you’ll find your next favorite movie in this bunch.

The 10 Best New Movies On Netflix In June 2024

Note: this list covers all releases leading up to June 8, 2024.

Godzilla Minus One (2023)

Lurking beneath the ocean waters of the 96th Academy Awards, overshadowed by great moments like Da’Vine Joy Randolph’s tearful speech and John Cena’s au naturel presentation and Emily Blunt and Ryan Gosling’s re-fueling of the Oppenheimer battle, there was an underdog story that might have been the best of the night. The visual effects team behind the incredible new Godzilla film Godzilla Minus One beat out the likes of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and The Creator—despite working with just a $12 million budget. What they accomplished with such a paltry amount is truly legendary. The film is set in post-World War II Japan as the country, while trying to rebuild, faces an unparalleled threat. Amidst the ruins and the hopes for a better future, Godzilla emerges, casting a shadow over our collective chances of survival (if you’re interested in a thematic breakdown of the film, check out this great piece). Directed by Takashi Yamazaki, who has gathered eight Japanese Academy Awards during his career, and featuring great performances by Ryunosuke Kamiki and Minami Hamabe, Godzilla Minus One is a must-see for fans of monster movies.


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Hit Man (2024)

Glen Powell has had one heck of a ride aboard the Hollywood Express over the past couple years. While he garnered much praise and recognition for his role in the Emma Roberts-fronted series Scream Queens, his career took off after the box office success of both Top Gun: Maverick and Anyone But You (a movie available on Netflix, by the way). And it looks like his ride will continue in 2024 with both Twisters and new his Netflix movie, Hit Man. This comedic action movie delves into the murky world of professional assassins, where moral boundaries blur and the line between justice and vengeance is razor-thin. Richard Linklater, who has given us such classics as Before Sunrise, Boyhood and Dazed and Confused, directs this gripping flick, featuring Powell as Gary Johnson, a former cop turned contract killer who struggles with his own sense of right and wrong. Adria Arjona and Austin Amelio also star.

Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

I saw Crazy Rich Asians in theaters back in 2018 for two major reasons. The first was director Jon M. Chu, who also provides a great time at the movies, from Step Up 3D to G.I. Joe Retaliation to Now You See Me 2 (and let us not forget the upcoming adaptation of Wicked). And the second reason was Michelle Yeoh, who, before her Oscar win for Everything Everywhere All At Once, was the star of many great Hong Kong action films like Magnificent Warriors, The Heroic Trio and Police Story 3: Supercop. And I’ve actually returned to this movie a few times over the years, as I find it endlessly watchable. Chu’s adaptation of Kevin Kwan’s satirical novel immerses us in the opulent, high-stakes world of Singapore’s elite. Rachel Chu, an economics professor in New York, discovers that her boyfriend Nick Young comes from one of the wealthiest families in Asia. Alongside Yeoh, this vibrant romantic comedy stars Constance Wu and Henry Golding in the lead roles, with Awkwafina providing electric comedic relief.

Cold Copy (2023)

Sometimes it feels like great journalism movies are a thing of the past—but, upon reflection, I’m surprised to discover just how vibrant the genre has remained. From Spotlight to The Post to She Said, there’s plenty of modern films with an investigative flair that match the magnitude of classics like All the President’s Men and Network. I think it’s safe to also include the brand new release Cold Copy with that group. This thriller from director Roxine Hleberg explores the competitive and morally ambiguous world of broadcast journalism. A young reporter, eager to make her mark, stumbles upon a high-profile case that could be her ticket to fame. This journalism flick stars Bel Powley and Tracee Ellis Ross in the leading roles, and each bring intensity and nuance to a reflective piece that should hit home with anyone who consumes news on a daily basis.

Detective Pikachu (2019)

Ryan Reynolds is as prolific as a movie star can get. From superhero blockbusters (like Deadpool) to romantic comedies (like The Proposal) to sci-fi spectacles (like The Adam Project), Reynold’s face has become synonymous with box office success. But one of his biggest movies didn’t feature his face, and instead his voice. In Detective Pikachu he voices none other than Pikachu itself, bringing to life the world of Pokémon in a way fans have never seen before. In Ryme City, a place where these creatures and humans coexist, Tim Goodman (played by Justice Smith) teams up with a wise-cracking, coffee-loving Pikachu to solve the mystery of his father’s disappearance. Directed by Rob Letterman, who gave us family-friendly entertainment like Goosebumps, Monsters vs. Aliens and Shark Tale, Detective Pikachu combines humor, heart and a touch of noir for a rollicking good time in front of the screen.

Two Can Play That Game (2001)

In Netflix’s vast library, there’s a wellspring of great 1990s-through-2000s-era romantic comedies, such as The Holiday, or Knocked Up, or It Could Happen To You, or The Wedding Planner, or...actually, I should probably stop there before this gets out of hand. But there’s one particular movie that stands out to me because it’s not on the tip of everyone’s tongue, yet it’s just as good as any of those movies: Two Can Play That Game. Featuring the talents of both Vivica A. Fox (who is, without question, one of the most watchable and captivating actresses every) and Morris Chestnut (whose always churns out arresting performances), this Mark Brown-directed rom-com is a witty and insightful exploration of the complexities of modern relationships and the games people play to maintain control. The movie follows Shanté, a successful marketing executive, believes she has the perfect formula for keeping her man in line. But when her boyfriend Keith begins to act out, she decides to put her strategies to the test. It’s a classic rom-com formula that works delightfully well.

300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

No matter what your views on Zack Snyder are—and, yes, they tend to live on either end of the spectrum, from loyal supporter to ardent hater—you can’t deny that his films own a signature, unadulterated aesthetic unmatched by any other director. Which means Noam Murro had some big shoes to fill when he directed the 300 sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire. Fortunately, he was aided by a magnetic cast that included the likes of Eva Green (perhaps the most underrated actress in Hollywood), Sullivan Stapleton, Rodrigo Santoro and Lena Headey. This expansion of the ancient Greece saga focuses on the naval battles that followed the heroic stand at Thermopylae. Themistocles, a new hero, rises to confront the Persian navy led by Artemisia, a vengeful commander. While the sequel doesn’t quite live up to the original, it’s still quite an entertaining movie that’s worth watching for Green’s performance alone.

Dune (1984)

I know everybody loves Denis Villeneuve’s version of Dune. I love watching Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya’s undeniable on-screen chemistry, enduring Austin Butler’s deliciously evil performance, experiencing Greig Fraser’s Oscar-winning cinematography. But I’m here to make a bold pitch: next time you have the choice, watch David Lynch’s Dune instead. While considered by many to be a failed adaptation of Frank Herbert’s famous source novel, I would argue that it stands as a delightfully archaic example of what used to be expected of sci-fi movies. Decidedly less self-serious than Villeneuve’s version, the 1984 version of Dune thrives on style larger-than-life philosophizing and, let’s be honest, a bit of camp. Lynch’s version transports us to the vast and treacherous desert planet of Arrakis, where political intrigue and interstellar conflict unfold over the most coveted substance in the universe: the spice melange. Starring Kyle MacLachlan, Francesca Annis, and Sting, Lynch's visionary style brings Herbert's classic to life with stunning visuals and a haunting score by Toto and Brian Eno.

Tangerine (2018)

LGBT movies have always held such power and presence, but over the past several years they’ve become much more of a staple in mainstream cinema. With films like Dallas Buyers Club, All of Us Strangers and Blue is the Warmest Color earning high praise and lots of awards, along with many stellar, career-defining performances, the genre has become one of the industry’s most fascinating. And perhaps 2015’s biggest addition to this growing catalog, alongside movies like Carol and The Danish Girl, was Tangerine. This vibrant film shot on a $100,000 budget from Sean Baker, who also directed The Florida Project and Red Rocket (along with this year’s Palme d'Or winner Anora), offers a vibrant and raw portrayal of life on the streets of Los Angeles, following two transgender sex workers on Christmas Eve. This indie winner is noted for its groundbreaking use of iPhone cameras and its compelling performances by Kitana Kiki Rodriguez and Mya Taylor.

Wonder (2017)

On top of a vibrant writing career, Stephen Chbosky has low-key had an incredibly successful movie career as well. Not only did he direct the adaptation of his most famous novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but he also wrote the scripts for Rent and 2017’s Beauty and the Beast. But one of his lesser known flicks has all the charm and charisma of those movies without calling too much attention to it. Wonder tells the heartwarming and inspirational story of August Pullman, The film, which has earned an 86% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, stars Jacob Tremblay, Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson in the starring roles. Tremblay’s portrayal of Auggie, combined with Chbosky’s sensitive direction, creates a powerful narrative about acceptance, kindness and the challenges and triumphs of being different. It’s a great story for viewers of all ages.

Every New Movie on Netflix in June 2024

  • June 1: 1917 (2019); 30 for 30: Once Brothers (2010); A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014); Ali (2001); Baby Boy (2001); Cold Copy (2024); Detective Pikachu (2019); Divergent; Insurgent; Allegiant; Dune (1984); Flushed Away (2006); Godzilla Minus One (2023); Home (2015); Janky Promoters (2009); Kicking & Screaming (2005); Land of the Lost (2006); Lumberjack The Monster (2023); National Security (2003); On the Basis of Sex (2018); Pilecki’s Report (2023); S.W.A.T. (2003); Simon (2023); Strawberry Shortcake’s Summer Vacation (2024); Tangerine (2015); The Breakfast Club (1985); The Conjuring; The Conjuring 2; The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It; The Devil’s Own (1997); The Lego Movie (2014); Two Can Play At That Game (2001)
  • June 3: 30 for 30: The Good, The Bad, The Hungry (2019); 300: Rise of an Empire (2014)
  • June 5: How to Rob a Bank (2024)
  • June 6: Crazy Rich Asians (2018)
  • June 7: Hit Man (2024)
  • June 8: Wonder (2017)
  • June 13: Remembering Gene Wilder (2024)
  • June 14: Abang Adik (2023); Tell Them You Love Me (2024); Ultraman: Rising (2024)
  • June 16: Welcome to Marwen (2018)
  • June 17: 30 for 30: June 17th, 1984 (2010); Carol (2015)
  • June 18: Fifty Shades of Grey (2015); Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution (2024)
  • June 19: Black Barbie: A Documentary (2024); Inheritance (2024); The Lego Batman Movie (2017)
  • June 21: Aftersun (2021); Trigger Warning (2024)
  • June 22: Rising Impact (2024)
  • June 25: The Flash (2023)
  • June 27: Drawing Closer (2024)
  • June 28: A Family Affair (2024)
The 10 Best New Movies On Netflix In June 2024 (Updated) (2024)


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