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Re: HP limit for stock 1066 clutch - 9 years ago

Kenny's pulling parts can help also 606-379-7490. Kenny and Darren (309-795-1502) have both been good to deal with.

by farmall puller - Forum

Re: HP limit for stock 1066 clutch - 9 years ago

OK, can all these parts get bought from a dealer? I can get a new caseIh clutch for 400 and some change.

by MinnesotaFarmall - Forum

ac pump question - 9 years ago

What does it take to install a model 100 on aD21 with a roosamaster or what parts are neededfrom 8000 series ac tractor to do a change over.Thanks for any help

by ac tractor - Forum

Re: 504 case cam - 9 years ago

Jeff Suits. 217 493 5595. Known for his IH stuff but does work and has parts on other colors as well.

by C Downs - Forum

Re: PoBar hydraulic steering? To WTW - 9 years ago

I put all of this together, and its turning but it's really slow? Anyone have any reason why? I used all of the parts like suggested from surplus center.

by Need help - Forum

Driver Line Up and Pull Info. - 9 years ago

12th Annual Indoor Winter Truck & Tractor PullSaturday, March 7, 2015 at 7 pm Central TimeUnion County Fair Grounds 125 Pryor BlvdSturgis, Ky 42459 Admission: $15 for adults, $5 kids 6-10, 5 & under FREE, Gates open at 2 pmWill be using the Southern Shaker Sled Driver's are listed in the order they will be pulling in but classes or not listed in pulling order of the show.

by Aaron Berry - Forum

Re: Custom Pedal Pulling Tractors - 9 years ago

Shoot me an email, I can help you also. I have built a sled and tractor, know where to get the parts. jeffstoys@fuse.net

by JMS Pull PIcs - Forum

Re: converting a dt466 to gas - 9 years ago

It's a wasted spark set up, it fires opposing cylinders at the same time due to the design of the controller. It fires one on compression stroke and the other on exhaust at the same time. It is designed this way to make the system cheaper to build (also to limit dwell time without a more sophisticated controller) and is how a lot of vehicles are (ones that don't have individual coil on

by FordPuller9000 - Forum

Re: traction control again - 9 years ago

First I would like to say thanks for the post. I like where you are going with this idea and yes it would be a simple start. All the wiring marked and routed in the open would sure make it alot easier to trace. I have seen wiring running out of weight boxes even in the rear of a truck. If you use a tel-a-tac I believe is what they are called they have screws in the front cover could be removed to

by playing fair - Forum

Re: traction control again - 9 years ago

Well, here is an idea. This is only based on my limited knowledge, imagination and just flat out rumors that I have heard of how some traction control systems work. Since no one who has one, has developed one or is selling one is going to let anyone else in on any secrets, there are going to have to be a huge amount of assuming but at least it could be a start for someone out there. And I am n

by C Downs - Forum

Re: Sled speed? How about Full Pull? - 9 years ago

Oliver 1650,You mention that all of these other sports haven't changed their finish line so to speak. I'm not a big NHRA fan but if I recall they did change their finish line for their top classes,they did the opposite of what is happening in pulling. So changes do happen in other sports to help make the races and games more interesting for the spectators as well as safer for the dr

by S'no Farmer - Forum

Re: traction control again - 9 years ago

I think we should have it. Yep ive used it with my fuel management system. Less parts breakage. A lot less wear on various parts too. . Cmon ppl its 2015. An the ones saying TC will ruin pulling an make it cookie cutter your wrong. I could make the same argument on wheelie bars, air bags, etc. Its not the future, its now. Flame away

by We should - Forum

Re: Custom Pedal Pulling Tractors - 9 years ago

pedaltractor.com magnuson pedal tractor parts Verona wi. 608 437 5061 608 445 7361

by Anonymous User - Forum

Re: Mike Chizek contact info - 9 years ago

Needing parts?

by Are you - Forum

Re: 8 cylinder simms pump heip? - 9 years ago

Call John Jones at Odon Machine & Manufacturing. (812) 636-7781. John has specialized for years in high performance V8 Perkins parts, Simms pumps and custom turbos. He has an in house pump shop, flow bench and builds his own barrels, plungers, custom EDM injector tips and regrinds pump cams.

by One Sick Puppy - Forum

Re: tough night for Bauer sled at nfms - 9 years ago

When did they thank the puller. As long as I have been coming they are dropped off at the back door. If you can't drive away they wait until the crowd is out and pull the trailer to the tractor and load the parts.

by thank you? - Forum

Re: tough night for Bauer sled at nfms - 9 years ago

First and foremost, I'm extremely happy that Bryce VanGenderen escaped without injury. Thankfully he did an excellent driving job and started easing out of the throttle before the kill switch was pulled, a split-second longer and he could have been over the concrete barrier and up against a steel beam rather than just parked on the barrier. Thankfully we didn't see an injury or worse.

by Jake Morgan - Forum

Pump timing - 9 years ago

Does anyone know how the woodruff key is in relationship to pump timing. I am assuming that the key is in the same place of every relatable pump but is it always in the same relationship to the drive gear?

by Parts buyer. - Forum

for the guys running rack and those running helm pros cons - 9 years ago

I have rack and pinion on my tractor not to happy with it what's the costs and places to get parts for helm pump and cylinder or a good rack and pinion any help would be great

by Highmanor Hammer 4320 - Forum

Re: Side panel fasteners - 9 years ago

A lot of guys use these

by these - Forum

Re: Mexican 4455 - 9 years ago

I was told by a friend that has one that is built in Mexico after the US production run was over using leftover parts from the original run

by Anonymous User - Forum

Re: engine oil opinion - 9 years ago

truck guy,We have used AMSOIL Dominator RD60, 60 weight synthetic racing oil in our pro stock tractor Hurricane Allis for three seasons now. The previous two seasons we used AMSOIL AHR 60 weight racing oil (before RD60 was introduced). Our parts have lasted much longer and show much less wear since we switched to AMSOIL in 2010. It is also amazing how clean (none of the "snot" inside valve

by Todd Domann - Forum

Re: engine oil opinion - 9 years ago

amsoil no doubt. full synthetic top of the line. haven't used the lucas but i've ran the amsoil for the past 2 years and pulled oil samples. its held up well vs brad penn which i had ran years prior. i had pushrod and rocker problems 3 out of 4 companies and builders i talked to pointed me toward the amsoil. i've had happy parts ever since.

by pltu - Forum

Re: Mexican 4455 - 9 years ago

I have 2 of these tractors and have never had problems getting parts from deere, I don't think they would have came with anything but the 7.6 liter engine, nothing fancy about them, syncro trans, mechanical gauges. All the component tags are in Spanish even the engine tag. They use an odd 36 inch cast center on the rear wheels but have 3 3/8 axles. With the limited info available on producti

by welderup - Forum

Re: Mexican 4455 - 9 years ago

For the most part the tractors are the same we have had a lot of them shipped into my area over the past 15 to20 years some series numbers don't match but if its got 404 ,466,359,239,or whatever the parts has been the same the biggest difference is some use different clutches and pressure plates and sometimes the hydraulics are a little different and some JD dealers don't want to fool w

by lewis - Forum

Re: Mexican 4455 - 9 years ago

If I need parts are they 1/2 price like medicine.Thanks for replies and translation We have about 30% Mexican children in our school system due to all the chicken and hog sites in our area.Used to be they bought every old car available now they make payments on new ones.There are many nice families and they are accepted.

by LarryAnderson - Forum

Re: Mexican 4455 - 9 years ago

A Mexican has the Metric motor. When ordering parts you have to specify Mexican. It has its own parts catalog in the Deere system.

by Deere Parts - Forum

KY Light Hot Farm Rules, Final Version - 9 years ago

We want to thank everyone who has provided constructive input on this class and in the end the rules will not please everyone; it is a compromise through and through that we think will offer good opportunity for a variety of tractors to be competitive.6000lb Light Hot Farm General Rules 1. Tractors in the class will represent models 1980 and older. 2. Limited to a box, bone-stock 3LM

by Bryan Lively - Forum

Re: 460 fast low gr - 9 years ago

blanford,not cheating when parts are available.choices,some make em,some make em poor.An IH "H" has several options available,am sure most others do as well.how bad do we want to win?????? most pulling tractors are highly modified in some way or the other,depends on who is asking,checking or spending.I pull in a lot of farm stock classes with no rpm limit or speed limit,many complain,the rules ar

by JIMbo - Forum

Re: Kenny's pulling parts - 9 years ago

Kennys Pulling Parts & Machines13135 US Highway 27 S Waynesburg, KY 40489(606) 379-7490Kenny Smith

by FordPuller9000 - Forum

Page 83 of 198Pages:8182838485

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