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When applying for an Italian visa, in addition to the other requirements for Italy visa application, you must also be able to prove you have the financial resources required for admission to Italy.

That means that you have to provide proof of sufficient financial means to provide for yourself, and any dependants, for the duration of your stay in Italy.

The financial requirements for an Italian visa depend on the length of stay as well as the number of people travelling together.

Financial Means Required to Apply for an Italy Visa

According to an Order issued by the Italian Interior Ministry, foreign nationals applying for an Italian visa must provide proof of subsistence in the form of bank statements, insurance policy guarantees, proof of sponsorship (if someone is sponsoring you), or travelers’ cheques, as applicable.

The minimum required financial means for entry to Italy are as follows:

Length of stayRequired amount for one personRequired amount for any additional dependant
1-5 days (fixed amount)€ 269,60€ 212,81
6-10 days€ 44,93 per day€ 26,33 per day
11-20 days (initial fixed amount)€ 51,64€ 25,82
Additional amount for trips lasting 11-20 days€ 36,67 per day€ 22,21 per day
20+ days (initial fixed amount)€ 206,58€ 118,79
Additional amount for trips lasting 20+ days€ 27,89 per day€ 17,04 per day

The cost of travel tickets and accommodation are not included in the required financial means.

Information obtained from The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Italy.

How to Calculate the Financial Resources Required for Admission to Italy?

If your trip lasts up to five days, the required amount is pretty straightforward. If you are travelling alone, you must have € 269,60.

If you have, lets say, two family members coming with you, then you need to have an additional € 212,81 for each of them. So, the overall amount you must have to finance a trip for up to 5 days to Italy for three people is € 695.22.

For trips that last 6 to 10 days

If your trip lasts 6-10 days, you must have € 44,93 per day for yourself, and an additional €26,33 per day for every person traveling as a dependant with you.

Let’s say you want to stay in Italy for 8 days. If you are travelling on your own, you need € 395.44 (€ 44,93 X 8). If you are travelling with two family members, you need an additional € 210.64 for each of them. As such, you need an overall € 816.72 to finance a trip of 8 days to Italy for three people.

For trips that last 11 to 20 days

If your trip lasts 11-20 days, you need an initial fixed amount of € 51,64 regardless of how many days you will stay. In addition to that, you need to have € 36,67 for every day you will spend in Italy. As such, if you are staying for 15 days, you will need € 601.96.

If you have any dependants coming with you, you should also be able to provide an initial amount of € 25,82 for each. And then, you must also have € 22,21 per day for each of the family members.

For trips that last more than 20 days

If your trip lasts 20 days or more, you need an initial amount of € 206,58 regardless of how many days you will stay. In addition, you also need € 27,89 per day for every day you spend in Italy. Therefore, if you intend to stay in Italy for 25 days, you need € 903.83 for just yourself.

If any family members are coming with you, you must have an initial amount of € 118,79 as well as a daily amount of € 17,04 for each of them.

What Can Count as Proof of Sufficient Financial Resources for Italy Visa?

You can provide proof that you have sufficient financial resources to fund a trip to Italy in one of the following ways:

  • Bank statements. You must provide an original copy of your bank statements issued within the past month. The bank statement must be stamped and signed by an authorized bank official.
  • Savings account statement. You must provide the original as well as a photocopy of the document.
  • Copy of credit card. The copy must show your name and surname. You must also include a copy of an ATM receipt issued in the past three days, which shows the account balance.
  • Your host’s bank guarantee (in case of sponsorship). If a close relative is sponsoring your stay, you must provide a copy of their bank guarantees (also known as Fidejussione bancaria or Polizza fidejussoria). A copy and the original must be signed by your host.

Cash, certificate of exchanged currency, or bank account statements which do not have an authorized stamp and signature will not be accepted as valid proof of financial means for Italy.

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Proof of Financial Resources for Italy Visa - VisaGuide.World (2024)


Proof of Financial Resources for Italy Visa - VisaGuide.World? ›

You can provide proof that you have sufficient financial resources to fund a trip to Italy in one of the following ways: Bank statements. You must provide an original copy of your bank statements issued within the past month. The bank statement must be stamped and signed by an authorized bank official.

How do you prove sufficient funds for Italy? ›

Bank Statements: Typically, you must present a bank statement for the last 3-6 months. This should show that you have sufficient funds to support your trip. There isn't a fixed amount that applicants need to have, but it should cover your accommodation, meals, internal travel, and emergencies.

What is proof of sufficient financial resources for the visit Schengen? ›

This will have to meet the requirements they set for spending time in your hosting country. The only recognized way to prove your financial sufficiency are recent bank account statements during the last three months. Attention, bank statements must show the name and address of the owner.

How do I show proof of funds for Italy student visa? ›

If you are financially responsible for yourself: present a letter (NOT a bank statement) from your bank, on the bank's letterhead, signed by a bank official (the letter must have a wet signature) and with a recent date, indicating account CASH balance. Letters from brokerage accounts are NOT accepted.

How do I show sufficient funds for visa? ›

Evidence of income

This can include evidence of current employment or self-employment, recent pay statements, a letter from the employer on business letterhead – showing dates of employment, wages paid, and type of work performed – or other financial data.

How much bank balance is required for Italy? ›

Means of Subsistence for Italy

Here are the minimum amounts required: Up to five days: €269.60 per person or €212.81 per person if you're in a group of two or more. Six to 10 days: €44.93 per person per day or €26.33 per person per day if you're in a group of two or more.

What do visa officers look for in bank statements? ›

Analysis of Transactions: Visa officers carefully analyze the transactions mentioned in the bank statement to check for any irregularities or suspicious activities [3]. They may look for large deposits or withdrawals, frequent international transactions, or any other unusual patterns that may raise concerns.

What is proof of financial sufficiency? ›

During the visa application process, you will be asked to show proof of financial means for your stay in the United States. If your application shows large bank balances or investment accounts with enough funds for the duration of your stay, then that usually is enough.

What is proof of financial support tourist visa? ›

Use this form to agree to provide financial support to a beneficiary of certain immigration benefits for the duration of their temporary stay in the United States. You must file a separate Form I-134 for each beneficiary.

What is proof of accommodation for Italian visa? ›

As a proof of accomodation it is necessary to provide one of the following options: 1. Invitation from an Italian citizen or a foreign citizen legally residing in Italy, a copy of the passport (page with personal data and signature page) or a copy of the valid residence permit (“permesso di soggiorno”).

What documents are required for VFS Global Italy visa? ›

Copy of Passport and previous Schengen visas issued during last 3 years. The passport must have at least two blank pages (back-to-back). Photocopy of current passport and Civil ID. Copy of resident permit valid for minimum 3 Months after return date.

What do you need for a spouse visa in Italy? ›

Proof of family relationship, as applicable: Birth certificates for children and marriage certificate for your spouse. Proof you have sufficient required funds and suitable accommodation to welcome your family members. Receipt of paid Italy visa fee. Proof of booked plane tickets.

What is the minimum bank statement for Italy visa? ›

Bank Statement

A personal bank account statement for the last three months must be submitted. The bank statement must be provided within 10 days of the date of the visa appointment and must be update. The bank account must contain at least 5,000 TL.

How much money do I need to show in my bank account for US visa? ›

We recommend showing a minimum of $6000-10000$ in your statement. Moreover, the more you can show, it will be of utmost benefit. Also, don't consider keeping the balance in your account before applying for the visa. Such an act will not work if the embassy officer checks your bank statement.

What is a proof of sufficient funds document? ›

Key Takeaways. Proof of funds refers to a document that demonstrates the ability of an individual or entity to pay for a specific transaction. A bank statement, security statement, or custody statement usually qualify as proof of funds.

What is proof of sufficient financial means? ›

You can submit a bank statement, paid travel agency invoice, officially verified invitation, international bank card etc. These are generally required documents whereby financial means can be proved.

What is proof of financial support for visa? ›

Proof of Sponsor's Funds

Bank statement or other financial documents including deposits, date the account opened, total amount deposited for the past year, and present balance. List containing serial numbers and denominations of bonds and names of record owner(s).

How do I get a declaration of value for Italy? ›

To request DoV, you have to contact the Italian Embassy, Consulate or the Italian Cultural Institute responsible for the geographical area of the city where you have obtained your university degree. Please note, that you will have to follow their indications to prepare the documents required.


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