Personal Loans | Direct Lender Loans | Fair Finance (2024)

Fair Finance is a direct lender. This means there is no middle man involved, such as a credit broker, agent or financial advisor. If you want to take out a personal loan with us, you apply to us directly. We then make the lending decision without needing to involve anyone else.

There are three main benefits of dealing with a direct lender:

  • If your loan is approved, you can get your funds quickly because no-one else is involved in the process. We aim to give you a loan decision within 24 hours or one working day, and have the money into your account by the next working day at the latest.
  • There are no additional fees to pay to any third party for arranging your loan.
  • We are free to make our own lending decisions and are willing to consider your loan application even if you have a poor credit score. At Fair Finance we base our lending decisions on your current financial situation rather than things that have happened in the past.

To enjoy the benefits of dealing with a direct lender, use the Apply Now button below to get started, or take a look at our loan application process to find out more.

The Fair Finance Service

As a first time client with us, you can:

  • borrow up to £800
  • repay over 26 to 52 weeks (6 to 12 months)
  • choose weekly, biweekly or monthly repayments to make it easier and more convenient to repay

Click here to see how affordable our rates are!

When you apply online, we aim to come back to you within one working day, but usually we come back in a few hours. Alternatively, you can call us on 020 8988 0627 to make an application and we’ll aim to get back to you immediately with a decision. We know that speed is important to you and that sometimes life emergencies need attending.


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Personal Loans | Direct Lender Loans | Fair Finance (2024)


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