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An Orokin Cell is a rare resource that is used for many recipes and is considered a very important resource and was known to be used by the Orokin in the past.

Orokin Cells are required for many blueprints, especially for Prime weapons and Warframes, and are considered one of the rarer resources that you need later.

This resource used to be one of the harder resources to farm due to its low drop rate but there are multiple ways for you to obtain it.

“Ancient energy cell from the Orokin era”

How To Get Orokin Cell?Orokin Cell Farm 2024 (Best Locations & Missions): Warframe - ProGameTalk (2)

There is a slim chance for you to get an Orokin Cell when you defeat enemies on certain planets that have it among their listed resources.

One of the best ways for you to get Orokin Cell is to destroy Cell Arrays or to defeat bosses that drop them in Assassination Missions.

Dark Sectors provide a good chance to get this resource when you kill enemies since they are endless missions with an increased Resource Drop Chance.

Orokin Cell Locations

Three locations are known to have Orokin Cells in their drop tables, which are Ceres, Deimos, and Saturn.

Ceres is known to have a good chance of dropping Orokin Cells due to the 35% Resource Drop Chance provided by its lost sectors.

Deimos (originally the Orokin Derelict) is another location that has a mission where you can obtain the resource, but this does not have Dark Sector missions.

Best Missions to Farm Orokin Cell

1) Tethys (Saturn)

Tethys is a boss mission where you will be going against General Sargas Ruk and is quite easy for players who have just started progressing.

Defeating, Sargas Ruk has a good chance of giving Orokin Cells and you can even find Cell Arrays during the mission or get them from killing enemies.

Due to the multiple chances of obtaining this resource in this mission, many players consider Tethys to be the best way to obtain Orokin Cells.

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2) Gabii (Ceres)

Gabii is a famous Dark Sector mission for farming several resources and this includes Orokin Cells, which you have a good chance to obtain thanks to the 35% Resource Drop Chance bonus.

You have a good chance to obtain Orokin Cells as you roam the map and may even camp in certain spots to fight endless waves of enemies.

The more enemies you kill, the better your chances are of getting Orokin Cells during this mission, and the use of Farming Warframes is highly advised.

3) Seimeni (Ceres)

Orokin Cell Farm 2024 (Best Locations & Missions): Warframe - ProGameTalk (5)

Seimeni is a Dark Sector defense mission on Ceres that serves as an alternative to Gabii, offering players the chance to get the same resource by fighting waves of enemies.

This mission is usually meant for farming Credits, but players tend to farm relics and Orokin Cells in this as it is like hitting two birds with one stone.

There are some loot containers and lockers on the map but most of the resources, including Orokin Cells will be obtainable through enemy drops.

4) Terrorem (Deimos)

Terrorem may not have a Dark Sector mission, but the map is large and there is a lot of ground to be covered, allowing you to search for Cell Arrays.

Defeating enemies in this mission and destroying Cell Arrays is a good way to obtain Orokin Cells and you can extract them after surviving for 5 minutes.

Since Deimos has different drops from the other planets, some players prefer to farm in its missions rather than on other planets.

Purchasing Orokin Cell

For players that want to get Orokin Cell instantly, the in-game Market offers 1 Orokin Cell for 10 Platinum.

This is sometimes considered a waste of Platinum since you can easily farm the resource and it’s better off you save it for something else.

How To Craft Orokin Cell?

Players have the option of purchasing an Orokin Cell Blueprint that can be used to craft this resource, but it can be quite costly.

Crafting an Orokin Cell requires the following resources:

  • 15,000 Credits
  • 50,000 Alloy Plate
  • 50,000 Nano Spores
  • 25,000 Salvage


Orokin Cells are very important in Warframe since they are needed to craft Orokin Catalyst and Reactors which are necessary for improving your weapons and Warframes.

Keeping a good stock of Orokin Cells will help you avoid going back and forth to farm them whenever you need to craft Forma, Catalysts, Reactors and more.

A lot of bosses have a good chance of dropping Orokin Cells and you will often get them when doing certain Assassination Missions.

Orokin Cell Farm 2024 (Best Locations & Missions): Warframe - ProGameTalk (2024)


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