Nobel Week 2023 - (2024)

Nobel Prize award ceremony in Konserthuset Stockholm, 10 December 2022.

© Nobel Prize Outreach. Photo: Nanaka Adachi

Nobel Week 2023 takes place on 6–12 December in Stockholm and Oslo. Many of the events will be streamed and possible to follow online.

The schedule is a preliminary program; more events may be added. Please check back. We appreciate your patience.

For some of the events, media will have the possibility to apply for accreditation.
Programme for media in Stockholm
Programme for media in Oslo

2023 Nobel Prize award ceremonies

10 December 13:00 CETOslo

Award ceremony and banquet in Oslo

The Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony takes place in Oslo City Hall.

10 December 16:00 CETStockholm

Award ceremony and banquet in Stockholm

The Nobel Prize award ceremony will take place at the Stockholm Concert Hall. After the ceremony, it will be time for the evening’s Nobel Prize banquet at the Stockholm City Hall.

Live streams during Nobel Week

Here you can find the dates and times for the official Nobel Prize lectures, where the laureates describe the history and background of their discoveries, literature or prize-awarded work.

Seminars and public events

9 December 10:00–15:00 CETGothenburg

Nobel Week Dialogue

The Nobel Week Dialogue is a free of charge event that is part of the official Nobel Week programme. The 2023 dialogue brings together people from across the spectrum of science, society and culture to explore the future of migration. How we think about migration is one of the most pressing and important conversations we can have.

10 DecemberStockholm

During the Nobel Day, the museum is filled with festive activities – follow the live broadcast from the Nobel Prize ceremonies in Oslo and Stockholm, enjoy live cello music or join a guided tour about this year's prizes and the Nobel Prize festivities. Families and curious children are welcome to our workshop for festive crafts, between 11:00 and 16:00.

Nobel Week 2023 - (4)

10 December 11:00 CETOslo

A show made by and for children, with representatives of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate as guests of honour. Children from 5th, 6th or 7th grade are in the audience.

Location: Nobel Peace Center, Brynjulf Bulls Plass 1, Oslo

Nobel Week 2023 - (5)

11 December 10:00-12:00 CETOslo

This year’s forum IRAN - Burning for democracy will focus on the fight for human rights and democracy in Iran, with an emphasis on the situation for women.

Location: University Aula, Karl Johans gate, Oslo.

Nobel Week 2023 - (7)


30 September 2023 – 7 January 2024Stockholm

The world of fungi is explored in an exhibition at the Nobel Prize Museum. Through artworks, design objects, fashion and current scientific research. Open all Nobel Week.

Nobel Week 2023 - (8)

Opens 12 DecemberOslo

This year’s exhibition is about peace prize laureate Narges Mohammadi and the women who fight for freedom and human rights in Iran. The exhibition will show photos by Iranian women photographers, and the story of Narges Mohammadi will be told through her own words and images.

Nobel Week 2023 - (9)


8 December 19:00 CETStockholm

Nobel Prize Concert

This year’s Nobel Prize Concert brings together world-renowned conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen and acclaimed violinist Julia Fischer, together with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra. On 8 December, works by Boccherini, Brahms and Ravel will be performed on the Konserthuset Stockholm stage. The audience can also hear a work by the exciting young composer Gabriella Smith.

Nobel Week Lights

2–10 DecemberStockholm

Nobel Week Lights Stockholm is an annual light festival that takes place during the Nobel week in December. Directly inspired by Nobel Prize-awarded discoveries, artworks illuminate the Stockholm winter darkness and invite new insights into the research, lives and contributions of Nobel Prize laureates. There are 60 guided tours throughout the week that are open for the public to visit.

Nobel Week 2023 - (11)

Nobel Minds

Laureates discussing research, discoveries and achievements

Since the 1960s, during the Nobel Week the Nobel Prize laureates have gathered for a round table discussion for television, Nobel Minds. This year's programme will be recorded in the Bernadotte Library at the Royal Palace on 9 December in front of an invited audience. The programme is produced by Sveriges Television and BBC World News. The discussion will be hosted by Zeinab Badawi of the BBC.

Nobel Calling Space

Monday 11 December 14:00-16:00 (exact time to be confirmed by NASA)

Join us as we connect the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm with the International Space Station (ISS) for a unique live conversation between Nobel Prize laureates and ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen.

Entrance is free, but ticket is required. Exact time to be confirmed by NASA. Doors open at 13:00.

Nobel Week 2023 - (13)

Press conferences

Programme for media

There is a special programme for media during Nobel Week. You can find it here.

Inquiries regarding the Nobel Prize award ceremony in Stockholm and events in Sweden

Rebecka Oxelström, Head of Press
+468122 084 45

Media inquiries regarding the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo and events in Norway


Inquiries regarding licensing, usage of texts, photos and videos


Nobel Week 2023 - (2024)


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